Major update released for Riversip on iOS

Hello everyone,
We’ve rolled a cool update to our iOS users, that has just been approved by Apple.
You can now receive notifications about major news events ! That’s way you can be certain you don’t miss anything important.
We’ve also added better & faster My News functionality and made other bugfixes and improvements.
Finally, we’ve simplified the feedback loop – so you can now tell us what’s on your mind in the easiest possible way. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
Android users – stay tuned – in the following weeks we’ll issue an update for our Android users as well – so you’ll be able to enjoy the notifications and the rest of the features as well.
We hope you enjoy this release – and as always, let us know what you think!
 Nati and the Riversip team

Riversip technology released for Android

Hey guys,
It’s quite hectic here in Briox. We’re doing all sorts of exciting developments, but we won’t bore you with the details 😉
What we do wanted to announce is that we’ve released our technology news app for the Android market few days ago. The app can be found here:
We’ve been working very hard on that, and we’re very excited to arrive at this milestone.
Also, by the time of writing this – the app has already been reviewed twice – both reviewers seem to like when they have seen. You can read those here:
Overall – it seems that the Android users are warmly welcoming us, and for this we’re thankful.
We promise to make our entertainment app and future apps available to the market as well – as soon as we can.
As usual, we’d like to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to write us with ideas, feedback and suggestions. You can send us a direct email to info at riversip dot com, or through the ‘contact us’ form on our web site
Thank you for your support !!
  Nati Berkover and the Riversip team

Riversip Entertainment News Released!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released our second iPhone app – Riversip Entertainment News.

As its name suggests, Riversip Entertainment News brings the power of Riversip to entertainment news. The app covers news about Celebs, Music, TV, Movies and more…

We’re really excited about this app, as we’re for the first time applying the power of our Riversip platform to a very “soft” topic as entertainment, and the results look great! Never before was it easier to get the best news on your favorite celeb, TV show or anything else you fancy in entertainment. As always – Riversip delivers the most-talked-about stories first, so you know that each second you devote to your favorite news on Riversip is spent on the hottest stories.

Personally, we’ve already started following our favorite topics here. I (Itamar) am now busy reading about The Dark Knight Rises, but hopefully I’ll get back to work soon enough 😉

The app is available to download here – and we’re eager to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think.

Android users – don’t worry, you’re not forgotten! An Android app is just around the corner… If you’re willing to participate as a beta tester for it – drop us your name and email in the ‘Contact Us’ form on our site. Don’t forget to tell us which app you’d like to test – technology or entertainment news.

One last thing – if you’d like to get a Riversip app for a topic we’re not covering yet (e.g. – International News, Sports, etc..) – please let us know via Riversip’s Uservoice forum.

As always, we want to hear from you! You can contact us in a number of ways, from the contact form on to @riversip on Twitter, Riversip on Facebook our if it’s a product idea – Riversip’s Uservoice forum.

Thank you for your support!
The Riversip team

PS Here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

PPS Get the app here 🙂

Following The TechCrunch Post

Hi Everyone,
Following TechCrunch’s coverage of Riversip, we have a huge spike in downloads and usage – and naturally, our servers are being overloaded. You may, therefore, experience some periods during which our servers will be unreachable.
We’re working to overcome it, and we hope all the problems will be behind us soon!
Thank you for your patience,
The Riversip team

UPDATE: The problems were quite temporary and are behind us now! Thank you for your patience and understanding 🙂

Introducing Riversip

We wanted to introduce Riversip in a way that sits right with its missions statement: Simplicity. Essence. Respect for your time.

So, we figured we’d start with a question.

What if you were offered a tool that would get you on top of the topics you’re interested in, in less than 5 minutes?

No need to check in periodically to check what’s new. No need to worry if you’re offline for some time – even if it’s for several days. In your own time, when it suits you, plug-in – and get the important news you’ve missed; those items that you should really know about. Yes, you’ll be able to explore as much as you like, find other interesting stuff if your time allows for it, but even if it doesn’t – you can rest assured that you’ll know what’s going on.

Would that be too much to promise?

We think not. This is why we invented Riversip: To help people know what’s going on, in the topics that matter to them. All, in a “stress-free” way.

Get the Web’s pace adapted to you, rather than you having to adjust to its demanding pace.

Too good to be true?

Could be! That’s why you should try for yourself, though. Riversip for technology news is now available for the iPhone at the app store. Soon it will be available for Android devices as well. Riversip for other topics will soon follow.

And after trying it, do let us know what you think! We want to hear from you. Got topics you’d like to see a Riversip app for? Or some other cool idea? Let us know here.

The Day I Met Steve Jobs

— This post was written on the day Steve Jobs passed away. Needles to say it’s dedicated to him.

The day I met Steve Jobs never came. I wished it had.

If it had come, I’m not sure what I’d say, though. What can you say to someone who is a big part of your inspiration ? I’d probably just mumble – “it’s an honor to meet you”. But hey – I say it to a lot of people during my line of work. It’s much more than that.

You see – I usually excel at what I do. Sometimes I even give good advises to friends & family (at least that’s what they say). And sometimes I even create something I’m very proud of.

There was a period in which I used to think I’m too big for this world. Yep, a bit arrogant.

Life put me “back in place” after understanding that in my line of work (inventing start-ups) – being good, or even excellent, is just an entry ticket.

Steve Jobs nailed the final nail in my “bigger than life” coffin.

I heard mentions of Steve Jobs during my short life, but never put much attention until he came out with the iPhone. I never saw myself as an Apple fanboy, nor do I see myself as such today. I’m even considering buying an… (whispering)… Android.

Yet, once he did draw my attention, and once I read about his life, and heard his speech at Stanford (here) – I got inspired. It also made me much more humble.

His story is so dramatic, with such turns of events – that even the best Hollywood writers couldn’t come up with such a plot (but they will do now – I bet you).

Just from the time I came to know him, after the launch of the iPhone on 2007, this man created two inflection points in the business world – shaking the grounds of two different industries – the mobile and the laptops – with the introduction of the iPhone and the iPad.

Players that were long time in business, and basically were the established kings in their respective markets – were now fighting for their lives. Others were trying to adjust to a fast changing reality – dictated by the man behind the company.

And that’s from 2007 only. His doings were echoed through the world much before that – the disruption of the music industry with the iPod family and pay-per-song, Pixar’s animation movies or even before with the Mac.

No, I’m not an Apple fanboy – but this is remarkable. This man changed how we consume music, how we consume information and how we communicate with the virtual world and more. Even if you don’t own a single Apple device – the design of what you *do* own instead – was probably affected by Apple.

I often silently applauded him.

And what’s amazing and maybe the most inspiring part is that Steve wasn’t perfect. I didn’t know him well, or even in person, but to me, he  always seemed to be taking things too personally – not something I’d expect from a first-class business man. He got mad, he got fired, he was “down” for a period of time (as he admitted, after being fired from Apple). He was human. Like us.

For me, this was the inspiring part: I can posses what we classify as “negative feelings”, I can lose my temper, I can sometime let life take me down – and it’s fine. I can still chase my dreams and make them reality. There’s nothing there to stop me, but myself. I don’t need to be perfect.

He gave me no excuses.

So, what would I say to him if I met him ? I have no idea. I’d probably nod in respect – but he’d never know how much respect hides behind this small nod.

The day I met Steve never came, and never will.

That’s a shame.