Introducing Riversip

We wanted to introduce Riversip in a way that sits right with its missions statement: Simplicity. Essence. Respect for your time.

So, we figured we’d start with a question.

What if you were offered a tool that would get you on top of the topics you’re interested in, in less than 5 minutes?

No need to check in periodically to check what’s new. No need to worry if you’re offline for some time – even if it’s for several days. In your own time, when it suits you, plug-in – and get the important news you’ve missed; those items that you should really know about. Yes, you’ll be able to explore as much as you like, find other interesting stuff if your time allows for it, but even if it doesn’t – you can rest assured that you’ll know what’s going on.

Would that be too much to promise?

We think not. This is why we invented Riversip: To help people know what’s going on, in the topics that matter to them. All, in a “stress-free” way.

Get the Web’s pace adapted to you, rather than you having to adjust to its demanding pace.

Too good to be true?

Could be! That’s why you should try for yourself, though. Riversip for technology news is now available for the iPhone at the app store. Soon it will be available for Android devices as well. Riversip for other topics will soon follow.

And after trying it, do let us know what you think! We want to hear from you. Got topics you’d like to see a Riversip app for? Or some other cool idea? Let us know here.

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